Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru – Episode 4

Alternative Titles

Japanese: 黒獣 [クロイヌ] ~気高き聖女は白濁に染まる~



Type: OVA
Episodes: 4
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 27, 2012 to Jan 31, 2014


In the land of Eostia, humans and dark elves have fought for supremacy for over a century. The dark elves rule over a race of monsters that has raided human lands for generations, capturing and defiling their women. Aided by powerful bands of mercenaries, the human kingdoms have gradually pushed back their old rivals.

But the mercenaries would not settle for these victories. Led by the cruel general Volt, the sellswords declare independence. With the support of the savage orcs, their new nation attacks human and dark elf alike, carving out a kingdom where men reign supreme and women are little more than slaves. Even the dark elves’ castle is conquered and their queen taken prisoner.

The sole hope for peace in these lands rests with a fellowship of seven princess knights, handpicked by the goddess of the high elves. But is their power enough to cleanse the evil from their world?


Ohh Kuroinu, a fappable hentai anime that will burst your dick up to the last drop. I guarantee it to you!

The story is just plain and, well, they revealed it already since the very first episode of the hentai. Others might say, “What a bummer! I wanna see the whole PLOT!! Like what the war looks like and stuff!!” But, most of them will say, “YEAH!!!! HENTAI BAYBEE! I LIKE IT!!”

Anyways, about the plot, according to the plot summary, an epic battle was taking place for more than several hundred years between two countries, one of Humans and the other of Dark Elves. The Humans sent a special troop into the fray, but the soldiers defected, forging an alliance with the primitive Orcs, and invade their own territories as well as the territories of the Dark Elves. Before long, they declare independence and the foundation of a nation. In this nation, woman is subordinate to man (AKA “Sexual Discrimination), and is required to serve ALL of man’s needs. And unfortunately, when the story begins, the renegades have already captured the beautiful Queen of the Dark Elves, Discordia Origa, as well as her brave and loyal handmaiden Chloe.

So, yeah, it was pretty convincing that the anime has already told the history and who is the winner was, and yeah it was a total bummer for me, I was expecting some good plots and stuff. “But it’s hentai right? Is it important what’s the backstory is? It’s Just Sex.” Oh please, just because it’s hentai it doesn’t mean there’s no backstory. That’s why we’re anime critics, they want to see both the scenes and the plots to gave what score that we wanted to give depends on what pleasure the anime gave us. Hentai is anime too, and if you think Hentai is just Plain porn. Go watch real life porn…

Well, it’s hentai so there’s a lot of cums and boobs around here in this hentai anime. Also, this is set at the, what you called, “kingdom ages” or B.C. ages. With Orcs and Dwarfs. Also, there are so many beautiful anime womens here so I fapped every single one of them for my pleasure of course. (except for the loli scene sexing with an enormous giant cock on her vaj-js that found this very disturbing to watch).

Grunting, moaning, and something you’d see in a hentai movie is no surprise here. Including the fapping of their skin, the outburst of the cum special sound FX, and great voice dubs to be honest. The sounds of this anime is fantastic! And I’ve been surprised that there was a OST ending of this hentai anime. This is the first time I’ve seen a Hentai anime that has a ending theme.

The characters that raped here were mindbreaked. So expect that only character development I’ve seen here.

Just like i said, this anime is very fappable down to last drop because the women were hot, including the tanned elf woman. The sex scenes were fantastic and it will certainly gave you pleasure for sure that you wanted to see this over and over again. But, the only thing that is what I don’t like is that you already watching the ending scenario of the hentai anime. So, that is the only conflict I’ve seen here so far.

So, my final verdict of this anime, is a 7.5/10…