Resort Boin – Episode 3

Alternative Titles

Japanese: リゾートBOIN



Type: OVA
Episodes: 3
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 25, 2007 to Apr 25, 2009


A tropical vacation means sun, beaches, and barbecues… and in Resort Boin, it also means babes! When Daisuke Ichijou flies to the southern island to work at his grandmother’s resort during spring break, he quickly finds himself surrounded by pretty girls, all of whom want a piece of him.

There’s Nao and Mitsugu, who followed Daisuke from the mainland and are constantly at each other’s throats to claim him. Then we have the adventurous Kaede and Mika, who keep him occupied at the hotel. And don’t forget about Momo, the clumsy waitress at the restaurant where they work, who harbors a crush on her senior. Last but not least is Daisuke’s cousin Maya, who watches all this happen with disapproval… or is it jealousy?

Who will steal Daisuke’s heart? Can he decide between six beautiful girlfriends? Or will the island’s man-eating plants get to them all first? Find out in this intense harem anime!


Resort Boin is an amazing hentai if your looking for beautiful girls and great sex scenes.

The story isn’t complex or that amazing since it’s a hentai (but who cares about that). Basically we have this guy named Daisuke who goes on vacation to some island resort. Just like any other hentai he ends up meeting all kinds of girls and making love with them. The girls include his cousin, a surfer, a rich girl, and more characters.

The girls and sex are obviously the best part of this OVA. All the girls all feel different in design (except for boobs, most of them have oppai) and have different personalty types. There’s a girl for just about anyone in this OVA. The sex scenes are great and will get most people interested, with a good selection of sex acts and hotness 😀

Resort Boin is a great hentai all around and should be seen by anyone who wants to see some cute anime girls getting it on 😉